Metric Conversions Webquest

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Welcome to the Metric  Units Webquest.  During this Webquest you will learn about Metric Units and how to convert Metric Units.  Click the Task Tab to go to the next part of this webquest.


The Task you will perform during this webquest is to fill out a Handout that asks questions concerning the metric system and how to convert metric units.  Upon filling out this Handout you will obtain a worksheet from Mr. McCall and put to good use the skills and knowledge you have learned from the webquest.  To begin this process Click on the Process tab.


You will use the following information or websites to answer the questions on your Metric System and Conversion Handout:

  1. Use the following website link to answer the questions on questions 1 - 11 on the Handout.  Return to this page when finished answering questions 1-11.                                                                                                                       
  2. Go to the following website for Metric Conversion practice: Provide the answers to the four exercises on your handout.  Return to this page when completed with the exercises.                    
  3. Go to the following website, write down the Temperature Conversion Formulas on your handout, and calculate temperature conversions:                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  4. Pick up the Metric Conversion worksheet from Mr. McCall go to the following website and insert the Metric System Prefixes into the Metric Ladder by going to the following website:                                                     
  5. Complete the Worksheet, front and back, turn it in and the Handout to Mr. McCall                                                   
  6. Go to the Evaluation Tab to determine how you will be scored on this webquest                                                            


You will be graded on this webquest based on you completing and turning in both the handout and the metric conversions worksheet.  

Click on the Conclusion Tab to finish your webquest.


Congratulations you have finished the Metric System Conversion.  If you finished before the bell rings your will visit the following site for more practice with Metric Conversions:


All creation credit for this webquest goes to Mr. McCall.