Types Of Rocks


Today, you may call yourselves as geologists. A geologist is a person that studies rocks. Experts diveded them into types in order to discuss rocks more easily. Namely Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. You are going to be working in teams of two or three for this project.  Your team is responsible for researching the three types of rocks to find the characterstics of each.

BIG QUESTION: How do the three types of rocks create a cycle?


Collecting rock samples.

Create a picture book with ilustrations of rocks.

Things to do:

  • Learn what a rock is and how they are formed
  • Identify and look at three different types of rocks
  • Describe thier characteristics
  • Look at pictures of rocks
  • Identify characteristics of the three types
  • Choose a specific rock of each type to include in your book
  • Create your book with illustrations