Fiji and New Zealand


Your task will be do discover the geographical features of Fiji and New Zealand.


1. The first part of your quest will be to discover geographical facts about New Zealand! Write these facts on the sheet provided .Follow the link below to find out the population and the capital.

2. Thats great! Now we are going to discover the traditional food and culture of this country! List down the traditional food that can be found at this website Try find the subheading "Traditional Māori diet ". You might like to write down the way they cooked this.

3. You're almost done! Time to take a look at the various landforms that cover New Zealand. Using the pictures and information found at, write down anything you see. HINT: You might want to include highest and lowest point of New Zealand, as well as naming any mountains. Use the pictures to describe them.

4. You're final investigation for New Zealand is to describe the type of housing people live in. Using this website, type in "New Zealand Housing" and view the pictures. Hint: You might like to describe the houses on what they are made of, are they similar to your house? 

5. Now lets move on to Fiji. Use this link to discover the population and Capital of Fiji.

6. Now for the culture and food you will find in Fiji. Take a look at this website and list down any traditional food that can be found in this country. HINT: You might like to describe how their food is mostly cooked.

7. Next step is to look at the landforms that make Fiji. Click this website and write down any of the landforms. HINT: You might also like to write down the names of the two islands.

8. Last thing to discover about Fiji is the housing. and type in "Fijian Housing", and use the pictures provided to describe the houses that Fijians live in. 

9. To complete this quest take a look at the map  and describe which direction each country is located from Australia. HINT: Don't forget to use North, South, East and West