Pros and Cons of Smartphones


Central Questions:

  • Are smartphones damaging the behaviors and minds of people, or do they actually have beneficial impacts? 

  • Do smartphones do more harm than good? 

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Today, we will explore these questions through a class debate!

The two panels will discuss the impacts, either positive or negative, of smartphones on our society.

YOU have been chosen as an expert within the field to sit on one of the panels.

  • One group will present arguments on the positive effects of smartphones, and the other group will present arguments on the negative effects of smartphones. 

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Ready? Continue to the Process. 


Task 1: Research for Debate

1) Use the provided links for developing your position of either for the pros or cons:




**There is a lot of information online about pros and cons of smartphones. Feel free to use other websites you find useful to build your argument. 

Task 2: Prepare your Argument

1) Take notes on your Debate Preparation Worksheet to summarize your research and main arguments. 

OPTIONAL: You can choose to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation to summarize your information. This is especially helpful if you find charts or graphs with statistics that you want to present during the debate.