Puritans and Nathaniel Hawthorne Background


Read the article and watch the video in order to better understand the Puritans lifestyle and Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of "The Minister's Black Veil." Then answer the question on another sheet of paper in CSRQ. You must paraphrase the information and not just respond word for word. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. 

I. Puritan Life


1. Who were the Puritans?

2. How did the Puritans view the Bible?

3. Where did the Puritans settle after leaving England?

4. What would happen to people if they opposed the Puritan's theological views?

5. What is conversion?

6. What is Predestination?

7. What would happen if one deviated from normal way of Puritan life?

8. Who held political office?

9. What did the Puritans believe about the devil and how did it influence their life?

10. What are the three English diversions that were banned in New England? 

11. What were the Puritans encouraged to read and write?

II. Nathaniel Hawthorne


12. Where was Hawthorne from? 

13. Why did Hawthorne change the spelling of his name? 

14. What deep interest influenced Hawthorne's writing? 

15. How did other authors label Hawthorne's writing?