The Wizard of Oz...dorothy for a day


This webquest will be an exploration of the characters in "The Wizard of Oz" story. The students will research the similarities of the characters in the book as well as the differences . Using a Venn Diagram the student will compare/contrast two characters as they appear in the book, and use their creative writing skills to write their own version of what the land of Oz may have been like.


Each group will describe a given character from The Wizard of Oz. As you reread selections and research the characterististics using the links provided, each student will prepare a venn diagram comparing and contrasting the similarities between the character and him/her.

Once the venn diagram is completed, each group will write a creative short story explaining the strange things they might see and unusual people they would come in contact with if they were to travel to Oz.


Step 1

Students in group will produce a description of the given character, finding his/her characteristics in the book, with the help of the given web link. Find a graphic way to show it to the teacher and the class (picture, map, poster). The Each student will prepare a Venn Diagram (see pdf attacched), comparing him/her-self with the character. There must be at least five similarities and five differences between the two.


Characters' descriptions

Be aware!! Don't copy from the web!

Step 2

Using MSWord, you are to type at least a two page, double-spaced short story describing the things you would encounter while in Oz. This is to be creative as well as descriptive. Turn in a copy to your teacher. Some questions to guide you: a. How do you get into Oz? b. Which people do you meet there? c. What do these people look like? d. What magic objects are there that can help you along your journey? e. What kind of wizard do you find at the end? How do he help you to come home? (200 words)


Students have learned that they can take an idea from an author and make their own story. Each student's idea is unique and extends their creative thinking skills. Students have had an opportunity to be creative in a productive way.