The IOM and other national organizations have called for radical changes in healthcare education. As a result, educators need to analyze and evaluate a variety of different learning options in order to assess the appropriateness/applicability to their learning environment. One strategy is the use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). More recent versions include Small Private Open Courses (SPOC) and Corporate Open Online Courses (COOC). 

This activity is for nurse educators who are unfamiliar with MOOCs. If you already have a familiarity, join another team. 

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Solve this Identified Learning Need:

An ongoing weakness among learners has been identified in the area of ECG intrepretation. Your organization would like for a team to look into addressing this issue in an innovative manner and have asked you to look into the option of a SPOC or COOC (which are modified versions of MOOC). 

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Instructions: Using the resources provided, as well as resources that you find:

  1. Begin by watching/reading the suggested resources (below)
  2. Define and describe a MOOC.
  3. How does a MOOC differ from a SPOC or COOC?
  4. Locate examples (or description of examples)
  5. Propose a situation in which a SPOC or COOC could be used to address the identified learning need (on the previous "Task" page). 

Suggested Resources


Discuss among your group if this was a helpful exercise. What challenges did you face?
What benefits could it provide?

Be prepared to discuss your findings with the larger group of participants.


Developed by Jobeth Pilcher EdD, RN-BC