Setting the Table


In this lesson you will learn about different utensils that you use at home, in the school, in the party, and also in the restaurant. Parents and children will have a collaborative work to learn the frequency word "the" and the vocabulary words (fork, spoon, knife, plate bowl glass, cup, and napkin).


Task 1: Listening: Listen to the story while parents read the story, "Setting the Table."

Task 2: Reading: Children will read the story independently.

Task 3: Speaking: To reinforce the lesson parents will show and tell the utensils inside the house to relate in the story. You are encourage to use your native language then your child will translate it to English language for connection. Part of the final work is to set the table. Then  you will video record while your child is identifying the objects. 

Task 4: Writing: Your child will draw and label the objects on their composition notebook.


The strategies that will be used to complete the task: parents modeling, show and tell, drawing and labeling, and lastly the video recording.


Draw and label the objects of all the vocabulary words you learned from our lesson. Example:

Table Setting Diagrams: Formal, Fine Dining, Casual, & More


The conclusion part is you will video record your table setting while pointing to the objects. You may also prepare the table with your favorite dish and eat together while using the utensils as your finale to our lesson.



Credit due to the parent for their partnership to the learning of their children. For each child cooperation for this task. I would like to thank the website Reading A-Z for the story "Setting the Table" written by Bill Dinario. The video in "Learning How to Set the Table - Vocabulary for Kids" in YouTube (Smile and Learn, 2020). Then lastly, for Web Quest for allowing me to use their e-learning tool for children.

Teacher Page

To parents and children,

I hope that you will treasure the moment of working together and finding joy in learning. Thanks!

Ms. Sacueza