A small look into Valentina Guarna's life


Hi, My name is Valentina. But my full name is Valentina Rose Guarna, People call me Val for short though. I was born October 31st of 2005. I was born In Stamford Connecticut I think around 5 Pm. My parents are Victoria and Nicholas Guarna and they've been together for 20 years, I'm 1 of 3 siblings I have my older step sister Nina which is 24, my brother Nicholas which is 14, and my baby brother Michael who is 6. I've lived in Ansonia Connecticut my whole life. I'd like to think I have a nice house for living in Ansonia, I have a huge backyard with a pool, hot tub, trampoline, and fireplace. I have six cats (Courduroy, Rat, MK, 2.0, Bambi, And Luna.) along with 2 ferrets (Casper and Binx) and some fish. I've grown up with a very fortunate life, my parents always made sure we had everything we need and did whatever they could for us, which I'm very thankful for because not everyone gets that.


Creativity & Chaos: Why It's Never Been More Important To Lead Others With  A Human-Centered Mindset    This picture describes my life, Chaos. My life has always been complicated growing up, between family and personal stuff. its never been "normal" although I'd like to think a normal life out there exists I don't know if it does. For some reason I've always wanted my family to be that picket white fence family who has their lives together. but that's the complete opposite in my world. everything is always going one hundred miles an hour in my life, there's always a new problem that has to be solved. but we manage.


Cartoon Old Couple Stock Illustrations – 10,394 Cartoon Old Couple Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - DreamstimeMy Goal in life is to be successful, I want to go to college (not sure what for yet) graduate, find a good career, make some money, buy a house, and live comfortably. I want to have a decent amount of money when I'm older and be able to be happy with the life I chose. I want to settle down with my future husband maybe travel a little, have some kids, raise them and then face the inevitable death (hopefully from old age) I wanna be the grandma who makes cookies for the whole neighborhood. but that's my genuine goal in life. I just don't know what I want to be yet.  


My hero is my Mom, she has always been there for me and helped me with whatever I need. she's my number 1 support system and always makes sure to help me if I going though something. right now she's not feeling the best but she still tries to help all of us as much as she can even if she has to push herself to do so. 

Teacher Page

My past teachers would say i'm very creative but I lack motivation. if something doesn't interests me it will take me awhile to do it. i like to think i'm a good student and i also respect teachers as long as they respect me too. my goal this year is to get an A in this class to show my mom i'm putting in effort this year. and so she's proud of me.