What is a WebQuest?


You are currently participating in a Problem Based Learning activity (aka Project-Based Learning or PBL). One of the benefits of problem based learning is to help us become seekers of knowledge and to build our own knowledge base. The constraints within healthcare, such as people working different shifts and in different locations, might limit the use of the activity. But does it have to?  WebQuests are the virtual form of PBL.

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  1. Review the Suggested Resources below
  2. Analyze the benefits of collaborative learning
  3. Consider: Why do healthcare professionals need to be "seekers of knowledge"?
  4. Define and describe a WebQuest
  5. Locate and examine examples (or description of examples)
  6. You are currently participating in a webquest using the website CreateWebquest. Are there other sites that can be used? Do a Google search to locate options. Did you find Zunal? Filamentality? Others? 
  7. Develop a WebQuest using one of the free online sources. 
  8. Think of a situation in which Problem-based learning (or a WebQuest) might serve as an appropriate learning strategy within a healthcare system (listing the pros and cons of doing so).
  9. Consider how you might assist if learners get "off track" 
  10. What other methods of self-directed collaboration can be used to promote learning?
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Suggested Resources



Discuss among your group if this was a helpful exercise. What challenges did you face?
What benefits could it provide?

Be prepared to give an example of how you could potentially use PBL and/or Webquests in your work setting.  



Developed by Jobeth Pilcher EdD, RN-BC