What is a Wiki?


As healthcare professionals, we work in teams whether it is at the bedside or in the boardroom. As a result, learning strategies have increased a focus on collaborative learning. One example is the learning that occurs during simulation-based training. Another example is participating in a project-based learning activity such as what you are doing today. Are there other collaborative learning options that might work in the healthcare education setting? Wiki's have been suggested as one option, but what are they and how can they be used? 

This activity is for educators who are unfamiliar with developing Wikis. If you are familiar with this tool, choose another topic and join another team. 

To begin, click on the "Task" tab (above).  


Your institution has recommended an increase in collaborative learning strategies. They have asked you to look into Wikis, to examine what they are, and propose a way in which they could be used in your education setting. 

Click on the "Process" tab above for instructions and resources to assist you. 



Instructions: Using the resources provided, as well as resources that you find:

  1. Review the suggested resources (below)
  2. Define and describe a Wiki
  3. Analyze how a Wiki could be used to solve the "task" on the previous page 
  4. Locate a free wiki hosting site, sign up, and develop a short wiki, have several team members participate by editing the wiki on different devices 
  5. Proceed to the "Evaluation" tab


Suggested Resources


Discuss among your group if this was a helpful exercise. What challenges did you face?
What benefits could it provide?

Be prepared to discuss your findings with the larger group of participants.  


Developed by Jobeth Pilcher EdD, RN-BC