19th Century Presidents


Hello! Welcome to this webquest about the Presidents of the 19th Century. Today you will navigate a series of resources and questions as you work to uncover perhaps the least-known era of Presidents and even American History in general, good luck!

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Your primary task is to find and tell me who the 3 most interesting or influential Presidents of the 19th century were and why. But first, you will undergo a series of minor tasks that will lead you to finding your 3.




All these will be done in a single google doc!

Your first job is to jot down each of the Presidents in order from the year 1800 A.D. to the year 1899 A.D. Along with that, you will specify the years that they served. You can find this information here! https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/uspr/hd_uspr.htm

Next, you will pick 8 of them. For each of the 8 you choose, you will write down a 2-3 sentence explanation of their time in office and their most significant achievement. Use the official White House website to gather information for your 8... https://www.whitehouse.gov/about-the-white-house/presidents/

After you have done this, pick the 3 you felt were the most interesting or had the most impact on the country.



Your final task will be individual research and to write a detailed 6-8 sentence paragraph on each of the 3 Presidents you have chosen. You will need to find 2 of your own resources for each President, and share the links below the paragraph, good luck!

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You have successfully navigated the wild history of Presidents during the 19th Century. These Presidents endured Slavery, the Civil War, Western Expansion, Industrialization, and much more, ultimately leading the country to become the powerhouse that we became in the 20th century and still are today! Thank you for your time, I hope you got a taste of what the 19th Century was like for the everyday American!

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Teachers this Webquest is real simple! Just follow the directions top to bottom!