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What Is a WebQuest?

WebQuests can be simply defined as online-based lessons built by teachers for their students. This educational technique is an innovative way for teachers to make students more-enthusiastic about tackling assignments. The same energy students usually devote to finding sources can now be put towards information analysis. All of the research required for a WebQuest is internet-based, with the teacher being the one to provide links to required reading.

Instead of just going about research in a linear way, a WebQuest will put the student into the shoes of someone who has lived the topic being researched. For example, the student can take the role of a citizen of Ancient Egypt or member of a lost tribe or even an astronaut. It’s all at the discretion of the teacher, since he/she is the one providing them with the prerequisite material needed to successfully complete the course.

Quick Characteristics of a WebQuest

  • It is classroom-centered.
  • It promotes the creative use of information instead of just gathering information. Owing to this, it allows pupils/students to think more critically.
  • Majority of WebQuests come in the form of group work, with division of labor.
  • It differs from traditional teaching methods in that it keeps students interested and involved.

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What Offers

We provide the platform to educators to easily create WebQuests for their pupils/students. On our platform, we have the template and tools necessary to help you to swiftly and comfortably create your own WebQuest. Afterwards, with just a click of a button, the newly created WebQuest can be published and shared for your intended audience and also for the entire world to see and use. Our service is totally free because it is supported by advertising.

How the Site Works

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  • After creating your WebQuest, you can preview and save it.
  • If you are okay with what you see, just click the publish button and share your WebQuest with the world.

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