WebQuests - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a WebQuest?

A WebQuest is a form of inquiry-based learning in which a significant percentage of the information learners use comes from resources found on the Internet. WebQuests are usually created by educators for their students to enhance critical thinking. You can find out more about WebQuests here.

How can I create an account on CreateWebQuest.com?

Creating an account on this site is a very easy and straightforward process. It doesn't require much and can be done in a matter of seconds. You only need to have a valid email address to join this site.

How do I create a WebQuest on this platform?

Creating and sharing a WebQuest here is equally a simple process. Just take the following simple steps:

  • Sign up/login if you already have an account
  • Create your WebQuest
  • Publish it for the whole world to see
  • Copy the address (URL) and share it with your students

Can I directly upload media to the WebQuest I’m creating?

No. You can’t directly upload images/videos to CreateWebQuest. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t include videos or images to your WebQuest. You can do so with the aid of third party services. What this means is that the media you choose to add to your WebQuest must be hosted on another site. So for example, if you want to insert a video from YouTube into your post, all you need do is copy the address or URL of the video and paste it into the WebQuest.

I have forgotten my CreateWebQuest password? What do I do?

In the event you lose the password to your account, all you need do is reset it. You can do so by simply going to the login page and clicking on the "Reset your Password" tab. Thereafter, enter either your username or email (the one you used in creating your account) in the space provided and click on the submit button. Momentarily, you'll receive an email from us with simple instructions to reset your password.

My WebQuest isn't in English. Can I still publish it here?

Yes, you can. It doesn’t matter which language your post is, you can have it published here.

Why did you delete my post from the site?

CreateWebQuest.com would only be forced to delete a user's post when it violates our terms and conditions of use. For example, posts containing content that is profane, racist, defamatory, sexually explicit, etc are frowned upon and would be swiftly deleted. For a full list of the kind of content prohibited on the site, kindly follow this link.

Are there any fees with CreateWebQuest?

No. There are absolutely no fees that come with using this site. We give you all the necessary tools needed to conveniently create a WebQuest at absolutely no cost.

Is there a minimum age to create an account on this site?

Creating an account on CreateWebQuest.com is only necessary if you are an educator that wants to create a WebQuest and for that reason should not be done by children below the age of 13. You can however use the site as an anonymous visitor if you are a student in the elementary school. Please under no circumstances must anyone under the age of 13 years old create an account or provide any information about themselves on this site.

Can I create multiple accounts on this Site?

No. You are allowed to create just a single account.

I have a question which hasn't been asked or answered here. What do I do?

In that case, all you need do is get in touch with us and ask away. You can contact us via the form on our “Contact Us” page. Alternatively, you can reach us via our official email address: info@createwebquest.com.