AD2 - Write up 1 - Testimonial Speech


Think about a person you admire and write a SPEECH about him/her.



A testimonial speech is a speech to pay tribute to someone you admire. As you write, you must imagine how your text would actually sound to an audience and (specially) to your honoree.

  • explain who the person is and describe qualities and special achievements;
  • share a personal story (an example of how you relate to the honoree);
  • explain why this person is important to you and deserves your respect;
  • end with a personal statement thanking and/or congratulating the honoree. 

Look at this example. Notice there is an introduction. One doesn't simply start an important testimonial speech by saying "I'm going to talk about my best friend". There is a coherent sequence of statements and linked ideas, rather than loose thoughts. 

Testimonial Speech

Check out some more examples: 

How to write a testimonial speech:

An example:  


In order to develop an interesting piece of writing which meets the expected language use for this level. You must include:

Expressions to talk about ability

  • page 7 - act. 4 (you may need to check the audio script on page 113);
  • page 11 - act. 1 (read the statements for more expressions);
  • page 12 - act. 3 ( read the description of the intelligences for more expressions);

Modal verbs : (CHECK GRAMMAR FILE - UNIT 1)

They are used to express permission, prohibitions, obligation, recommendation, warning, possibility, ability, condition, among other uses. 

  • can / could / be able to
  • may / might
  • should / ought to
  • must / have to
  • had better 
  • need

Vocabulary related to the intelligences, skills and abilities.

It's important to vary the use of expressions. AVOID unnecessary repetitions.


CONTENT - 25 % 

(Connection between topic and content presented in the writing)


(How well structured is your text? Are the paragraphs divided properly? Are all paragraphs well-linked? How easy to read is your text? )

(Sequence of ideas; textual structure including the use of connectors.)


(Grammar and vocabulary usage. Legible Grammatical structure, Accurate vocabulary choice.)


(How much AD 2 language have you tried to use?)