Black in Latin America


Welcome Spanish II !!! 


( we are going to learn about "Black" Latin America)

Watch this preview before beginning the webquest: 


How Black is Latin America?

Let's learn about this community

Q & A with Professor Gates


Using this link answer the questions:

1. How many Africans came to the New World?

2. What 6 countries did Professor Gates focus on for this project?

3. How many slaves did Mexico & Perú get together? 

4. Go to the GALLERY TAB on this website & choose TRES images that strike you as powerful and why?

Who is Professor Gates? 

1. When did he graduate from Yale University?

2. Where is he a professor now? 


Locate Dominican Republic & Haiti (HINT: Central America)


Once in Central America:

For Dominican Republic & Haiti find:

1. Food & recipes

2. Government type?

3. Official language

4. Location 



More facts about Haiti and Dominican Republic

1. What are the colors of the flag (WRITE THEM EN ESPANOL)

2. How many people live there?

3. Who is the President?

4. Monetary unit?

5. Occupies which Island?

Now that you have new acquired information about these countries: Would you visit?

Look up flights to these countries:

1. Price to fly from Charleston to Haiti roundtrip ?

2. Price to fly from Charleston to the Dominican Republic roundtrip?

Famous dance in Dominican Republic?

Watch the first 2 minutes of this video:


Now that you have learned a little bit about Haiti and República Dominicana:

GO TO this link: DUOLINGO

1. Make an account

2. Add Srta. Alarcon  = Username: AlarconDD

3. Practice some Spanish while we transition to another topic or your group is ready to start your country project