Andalusians around the world


Do you think that knowing English can take you to other countries?

There are many Andalusians like you around the world. Today, you are going to learn about Lola Priego and her journey to success and how she ended up in the United States. 

But first, let's watch this video: Spaniards to Sylicon Valley



You are going to work in groups of 3 people.

Your task will be to develop a small booklet about the life and journey of Lola Priego.

Each person will be in charge of one part of it. 

Each section should take 1 page and include pictures.

The last part of the booklet will be a group reflection about the achievements and difficulties that you think Lola might have encountered. Everyone has to read and learn about every section since some questions about this task will be included in the final exam.


1. Gather with your group and find a computer.

2. Decide who is going to develop each part of the booklet.

3. Use the resources assigned for each part of it


Reporter 1: 

What is Sylicon Valley?


Reporter 2: 

Who is Lola Priego? Report on her life and accomplishments


Reporter 3: 

Explore her Linkedin profile and develop her Curriculum Vitae


Whole group:

Write a small reflection about what you think of her journey and the difficulties she might have encountered.



- You will be evaluated in group. 

- There will be questions about this task in the final exam.

- Content, grammar and structure will be the main aspects considered for your grade.


Knowing about Lola's journey is a great inspiration for your future. Now you now how far you can go with your knowledge of English, the sky is the limit!