What are my 5 senses?

Teacher Page

Content Area:  Cross Curricular :  Cognitive/Science, Sociomoral/Social, Physical

     Targeted Grades:  Preschool Level, ages 3,4 and 5

      Duration:  Five Days - Working 15 - 20 minutes a day
      Materials:  Books on 5 Senses
                     Computer/SMART Board
                     Recipe for Playdough and necessary materials
                     Items for Sensory
                     Sound Tubes
                     Texture Box
                     Objects for Discover and Explore Kit

      Objective:  Refer to Evaluation
Missouri Early Learning Standards
Cognitive/Science - Phycial Science - Explores physical properties of objects and materials and Represents observations of the physical properties of objects and materials

Sociomoral/Social - Knowledge of Self - Exhibits self-awareness and self-confidence
                          - Knowledge of Others - Builds relationships

Physical - Physical Development - Uses gross motor skills with purpose and collaboration
                                              - Uses fine motor skills with purpose and control

Notes: I plan on using this web quest during our 5 senses week.  I will be using our large group time to read the books on our senses and have our class discussion.  We will be in small groups to work through this WebQuest to ensure that all students are getting an equal opportunity to explore and learn.