What is Journalism?


* Student demonstrates an understanding of media development.

* Student identifies the history and development of American journalism through people and events


Upon completion of this web quest the student will be able to interpret definitions of journalism, editors, communication and mass media by gathering information from a variety of reliable databases.

Using student provided notebook paper and a writing utensil, the student will construct their own assignment page by writing the 10 tasks down and seeking answers through use of provided sites.


Student will use a catalog of websites and resources to support answers to questions posed in the evaluation. Do not just rely on Google to find the easiest answer. Use the journalism specific sites to dig into the BEST answers.






1) Define journalism by PARAPHRASING the definition into your own words.2) What QUALITIES describe a journalist?3) A reporter takes on the responsibility of what ATTRIBUTES?4) Catalog the role an editor plays for a newspaper.5) Define mass communication by PARAPHRASING the definition into your own words.6) Draw and label a graphic organizer to COMPARE and CONTRAST a sender and receiver.7) What do the sender and receiver share in common?8) Select a synonym for the sender.9) Define mass media by PARAPHRASING the definition into your own words.10) Complete a log of your personal exposure to mass media within a 24 hour period. Display your results in a graphic organizer.


Did yoyu realize how much communication goes into journalism? Did you relate to all of the media you are exposed to daily? What kind of support can you provide to prove these findings?

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