Potential and Kinetic Energy


You will explore the concept of energy by visiting different WebSites and analygins different videos.  You will discover that the Sun is a renewable source of energy and the difference between potential and kinetic energy.  


You will work by yourself for this assignment. This assignment is due by Friday. 

Your assignment will include videos, games, articles, and a packet of information about each task.  It is best if you complete the information sheet that goes along with the video, game, or article while you are on the page.  

Always return to the Process page to go to the next task.  


You will work by yourself to complete this assignment.  Remember to complete each information sheet before leaving the WebSite. 

1.  Article - http://www.kids.esdb.bg/energy_history.html 

2.  Song - http://www.teachertube.com/video/166926

3.  Article - http://www.kids.esdb.bg/whatisenergy.html

4.  Article - http://www.wonderville.ca/asset/science/150 (Must read before the game.)

5.  Game - http://www.wonderville.ca/asset/solarenergydefenders  

When finished, click on the Evaluation tab at the top. 

Score Criteria

*All parts of the activity are complete.

*Answers reflect  knowledge of content.

*In appropirate spaces, answers are in complete sentences. 

* Work is neat and organized.

*Participated throughout the activity.


*Most of the activity is complete.

*Most answers reflect an appropriate knowledge of content. 

*Most answers are written in complete sentences. 

*Most work is neat and organized.

*Participated in activity. 


*Half of the activity is complete. 

*Half of the answers reflect partial knowledge of content. 

*Half of the answers are not in complete sentences. 

*Work is not neat or organized. 

*Show some participation in activity. 


*Less than fifty percent of the activity is complete. 

*Answers do not reflect knowledge of content area. 

*Answers are not in complete sentences. 

*Work is not neat or organized. 

*Did not participate in the activity. 


*Did not complete the activity.

*Did not turn in the activity. 

*Refused to participate in the assigned activity. 


Now that you have finished the Energy WebQuest, check over your packet and turn it in.  Don't forget to put your name on the front of it.  

You are now an Energy Informist.  Go and tell others what you know about energy.  Take a Post-It note from the Station table.  Write one NEW thing you learned about energy and place the Post-It note on the poster.  



Permission is given for others to use, share, and modify this WebQuest for non-commercial, educational purposes.  Any modifications may also be shared with the same conditions.  If you want more information about sharing the credit, see the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike .

Teacher Page

In this WebQuest, students will learn about the renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, potential and kinetic energy sources, and learn how shadows affect solar panels (renewable source). 

They will answer specific questions which target the specific task website.  This is to make the student accountable for visiting the web page.  

In Louisiana, the targeted science GLEs are: 

10. Compare potential and kinetic energy and give examples of each (PS-M-C1)

11. Classify energy resources as renewable, non-renewable, or inexhaustible (PS-M-C1)

12. Identify the Sun as Earth’s primary energy source and give examples (e.g., photosynthesis, water cycle) to support that conclusion (PS-M-C3)