Continents and Oceans

Teacher Page


  • This lesson is to be taught in a third grade social studies class.  It will cover the Virginia SOL 3.5. 
  • Before the lesson, students will have a basic understanding  of what a map is and what it is used for.  Also, They will know the names of the continents and oceans that make up the Earth.



  • The lesson is simple to follow and each student is expect to be able to follow the steps provided.  These websites will give students the tools to complete the assignment.  This lesson will only be taught in a social studies class.  It should be taught and completed in one class period.  Also, is is single disciplinary since it does not include different subjects.  It strictly focuses on geography, specifically the map.
  • Students will work independelty and should not provide answers to other students.
  • One stumbling block that students should be aware of is the website which features the different hemispheres is not to cause confusion.  This website is only to help students break down the location of each ocean and continent.
  • The only thing teachers need to pull off this lesson is having internet access and being available to answer questions students may have.  An expert teacher, novice teacher and even student teacher should have no problem completing this lesson.  it does not require any experience except being able to communicate instructions.