"The Cold Within"


During this Webquest, you will explore the poem "The Cold Within". You will also research the author of the poem, and try to gain understanding of the author's purpose. The information you discover during this Webquest, will help you during your Socratic Seminar. You will complete a series of tasks related to the topic and turn them in for a grade.


You will complete three tasks during this WebQuest, in order to gain insight into the background of the author James Patrick Kinney. You will research his life, poem, and the events that led him to write the poem "The Cold Within". If you have access to a printer, you may complete all tasks electronically and print them out when you are ready to turn them in. NO, you may not email them. Please be reminded that this is for a grade, and technical issues are not acceptable reasons for late work. If you do not have access to a printer, you may complete all tasks on notebook paper and staple them together before you turn them in. 





  • Follow the first link to an article on James Patrick Kinney. . 
  • Follow the second link for information about The Civil Rights Movement.

Read the information from both articles and answer the following questions on a blank sheet of paper.

1) What time period is being referenced in his son's memory? (article 1)

2) Describe in 3-5 sentences what major events were happening during this time? (article 1)

3) Give me a brief overview of The Civil Rights Movement occurring in the 1960's. (article 2)

4) How did these events affect James Kinney and his writing career? (both)

5) The author of the first article describes the poem and Kinney as, "simple, straightforward and powerful." Based of what you have read thus far, do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not? (both)




Follow the link to the full interview of Kinney's son, Thomas. Read the information provided THOROUGHLY. Create a PowerPoint presentation of James Patrick Kinney's background and life.

Must Include:

  • At least 10 facts about him
  • At least 10 Slides
  • 5 Pictures
  • Events in his life that led to him writing the poem
  • A Title/Topic Sentence for each slide
  • Your personal interpretation of his poem
  • Based on the readings, what do you think his purpose in writing the poem was?
  • A Resources Page at the end (Copy the URL of the sources you used to give them credit)




Follow the link to a PDF that explains The Frayer Four Square Model. After learning how to use this model, create a Frayer Model for any five terms from the poem that you are unfamiliar with. By the time you are finished, you should have five Frayer Models, one for each term. If you have access to a printer, you may create them electronically. If not, you will create the models on blank paper. 


TASK 1: 

Each response fully answers the question. 0-5 points
Each response is at least 3-5 sentences. 0-5 points
Each response uses textual evidence to support any inferences or personal ideas. 0-5 points

Total points possible: 15






Each Model is complete. 0-5 points
Each Model is thorough and accurate. 0-5 points
Each Model is neatly written or typed with zero spelling/grammar mistakes 0-5 points



Hooray! You have now completed the Web Quest! You have learned about The Civil Rights Movement, James Patrick Kinney, his background, and his purpose in writing poetry. You have demonstrated your knowledge by evaluating open ended comprehension questions, creating a presentation on his life, and organizing information about unfamiliar vocabulary. If you completed these three tasks with quality, you are ready for your Socratic Seminar!