Communication and customer complaints


In today's topic, we will be discussing communication and customer care, furthermore, we will look at the different types of communication in the tourism industry. We will look into what a complaint is and the importance of it in a tourism establishment.

Communication is the process of sharing information, ideas, thoughts, and complaints between people. Interacting and engaging with people is also regarded as communication. Examples of communication are face-to-face interactions where feedback is given instantly, this also involves eye contact.  Communication can also be in the form of letters or emails.

Types of communication within a tourism establishment

Verbal communication - This is when a customer voice out their complaint to the business, they verbalize their complaints through face-to-face interactions or via the telephone when they call and lodge a complaint to the business.

Written communication – This is when customers complain by writing their complaints to the business. This can be in the form of letters, emails, or even social media posts.



What is a customer complaint?

A complaint is a statement that is expressed by a customer when they are dissatisfied with a service that was offered to them or the lack thereof.

 What causes customers to complain?

Tourism sells an intangible product which is the travel experience provided to the customers. When customers have a bad experience that reasons enough for them to complain to the tourism business. Providing incorrect information to tourists about their flight or hotel booking is also reason enough for them to complain as well. Hidden fees are also a cause to complain in a tourism establishment.

Importance of customer complaints within a tourism business

Customer feedback is vital to a tourism establishment, as it determines whether the business is a success or not. Complaints provide an opportunity for businesses to improve their offerings, they give businesses an opportunity to rectify their wrongs.



By the end of this quest, learners should be able to:

  • Define the term complaint
  • Understand the different types of communication in the tourism business.
  • Know how to handle customer complaints efficiently and professionally.

Study the notes provided on the first page of this quest and answer the below questions:


1. Define the word communication

2. Mention TWO types of communication used in a tourism business

3. Define the term communication.

4. Mention the causes of customer complaints.

5. What is the correct way to handle complaints as a business?

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Watching the video will also help in answering some of the questions in the task.







Satisfactory 3





The learner can clearly define the terms communication and customer care.






The learner shows the ability to identify the causes of customer complaints.






Ability to identify correct ways in handling customer complaints












It is evident that customer feedback is vital to the success of a business. Without feedback, businesses would not know where they need to improve their offering.  Feedback ensures that the business provides efficient service to its customers. Once customers are treated well and have their complaints acknowledged they become loyal to the business.

Effective communication also plays a major role in determining the success of a business, it is important to always listen to your customers. Businesses need to train continuously train their staff on effective customer handling, if employees do not get the required training, who service and meet the needs of customers?! 

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