Title IX and Jackie Robinson


Two events changed the history of sports as we know it. One was the Title IX decison, which meant that no person be deined the benefits, be excluded from participation or be subject to any descrimination based on gender. The second was Jackie Robinson breaking the MLB color barrier in 1947.



Along with a partner, your task will be to go back into time, and look into one of the two major events in American sports history. One partner will examine the Title IX decision, and the other will look into Jackie Robinson breaking the baseball color barrier.  


With each partner looking into a different historical event, each person will give a 5 minutes presentation covering the major events. The purpose is to examine how each sports event has shaped our world. Students may use any presentation form they prefer (ie. Prezi, Powerpoint, ect.). Finally the partners will fill out a venn diagram comparing and contrasting the two major historical events. The goal of the assignment is to help students look into and understand the prejudices surrounding these events.

Beginning Developing Accomplished
Visual Quality
Efective understanding of Events
Comparing and Contrasting

After the assignment, students should have a clear understanding of the two events that changed the sports world. They should have a clear understanding of why these were so very important in American history and how they still affect our world today.