Anne Frank: A Young Girl's Emotional Journey


Anne Frank is a well-known Jewish-born young girl who died during the Holocaust in one of the many concentration camps that were in use.  Anne’s family, among others, went into hiding in a Secret Annex, a place hidden behind a bookcase where Anne’s father, Otto Frank used to work.  After being in hiding for two years, her family was betrayed and taken to various concentration camps.  Both Anne and her elder sister, Margot, died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen in March 1945, one month before the camp was liberated by British troops.  Anne was given a diary on her thirteenth birthday, in which she recorded her thoughts and feelings of growing up, becoming a woman, and maturing.  Otto Frank, the only surviving member of the Frank family, had Anne’s diary published, it is called Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.  When entering high school, many 9th grade students will experience the same feelings Anne did.


Answer the following questions:

  • Why was Anne Frank and her family forced to go into hiding?
  • What changes do you notice in Anne from when she started to writing in her diary to when she stopped?
  • How does this relate to the emotional transformations you have gone through in entering high school?
  • What do you think of the Secret Annex?  Do you think that you could live in a space that small with two families?

The assignment:

  • Split up into groups of 8
  • Choose 3 people to live in hiding during the Holocaust
  • “Be in the Holocaust” Scenario

Those who Hide, Survive

  • You can choose 3 people to go into hiding and be saved from being captured and put into a concentration camp.
  • Choose 3 people from the following list:
    • An elderly woman who has a hard time getting around
    • A 30 year old male doctor who is experienced in home-remedies for colds/flus, but he has bipolar.
    • A 5 year old boy
    • A 7 month old baby girl who is breastfed
    • The mother of the baby girl, a 22 year old female
    • A 17 year old boy who doesn’t get along with others
    • A 12 year old girl who is claustrophobic
    • A 20 year old male who would bring along his dog
    • An elderly gentleman who was a therapist, and can be a mediator
    • A 27 year old female who is a good cook, and could provide food for the rest of the group. 
  • Which 3 people would you choose and why?  Why didn’t you choose the others?  Write an essay as to why you chose the people you did, and why you didn’t choose the others.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

  • Now within your group, please assign the following roles to each group member
    • The recorder (1 group member) – the person who write down everything: the role assignments, what happens, the outcomes.
    • The victims you chose (3 group members) – think of supplies you may need, how you will survive, what steps you will take to ensure you stay safe.  What aspects of your life may put your survival at risk?
    • The ally (person who tries to keep the victims safe) (2 group members) – where will you hide your group of people and why, how will you keep the group safe, how will you smuggle in supplies, how will you provide for them.
    • The bad guys (2 group members) – what gives the group away, how do you treat them, what do you do with them.
  • Each role needs to write a report on their duties.  Each victim, each ally, and each bad guy needs to write a report.  Also, the reporter needs to compile their notes taken during the discussions into a more formal essay.











Established Student Roles

The students outline specific student roles and each student carries out those roles exquisitely.  Each student’s role is outlined in detail.

The students outline student roles and each student carries out those roles.

The students outline the roles but do not adequately carry out those roles.

Students neither outline the roles nor do they carry out those roles.



The students explained in detail why they chose the five survivors.  The students explained in detail the duties of each of the roles in the “In their Shoes” assignment.

The students explained why they chose the five survivors.  The students outlined the duties of each of the roles in the “In their Shoes” assignment.

The students either didn’t explain why they chose the five survivors or they didn’t outline the duties of each of the roles in the “In their Shoes” assignment.

The students did not explain why they chose the five survivors and they didn’t outline the duties of each of the roles in the “In their Shoes” assignment.


Organization (Record Keeping)

Group notes and the essays are both organized and include specific detail.

The group notes or the essays are organized and include some detail.

The group notes or the essays are organized but do not include detail.

Neither the group notes nor the essays are organized nor do they include any detail.




In completing this WebQuest, the students will have not only learned what it was like to be in Anne Frank’s position, faced with the fear of the Nazi soldiers and the frustration of living in a confined space with a group of people, but also they will work through choosing the best group of people to put into hiding.  

Teacher Page
  • Why Go Into Hiding? This video explains why Jews went into hiding, and the fear the felt toward the Nazis.
  • Virtual Tour.  This website enables students to take a virtual tour of the Secret Annex, which includes a set-up of each room that each families stayed in.  The students start the tour by going behind the bookcase that hid the door to where the Frank family stayed.  The tour also includes short biographies of each of the people who stayed in the Annex.
  • Anne Frank Timeline.  This timeline outlines Anne’s diary, from when she got it to her last entry and everything in between. 
  • Miep Gies, the Hero.  This site includes questions submitted by students that Miep Gies, the woman who helped hide and provide for the Frank family, answered.