ROCKS ROCK! -Learning About the 3 TYPES OF ROCK

Teacher Page

Webquest created by: Diana B. Mikaelian, Drury University

This is a fun and educational lesson for 4th graders covering science. It is designed to help students learn about the different types of rocks in their environment in relation to understanding the connection with our different surfaces of the earth.

Teacher Introduction

This lesson provides students with knowledge and practice in science, language arts, and computers.  The lesson is intended for the 4th grade but can easily be adapted for higher or lower level students or students with special needs. 

Students will research the 3 different types of rocks.  They will gain new knowledge of different rocks by brainstorming, researching, and viewing their peers' presentations.  Students will also get practice in working with others and learn about cooperation.

The students will gain knowledge of computers while researching the Internet and building knowledge base of rocks and creating a rock journal.