EN4HOSTS - Cultural heritage of Croatia


In this webquest, students will learn which are the most important cultural monuments in some parts of Croatia. Croatian cultural heritage is one of the few european heritage created under various european influences.

In the course of  history, our country was at the same time under different states and empires, which has reflected on the architecture, art and customs of these parts. For example, during the 15th and 16th centuries only, Dalmatia and Istria were under Italian rule, Zagreb and northern Croatia under Austrian, and Slavonia under Turkish occupation.

For that reason cultural; tangible, and intangible,  heritage of Croatia represents a rare sight of styles  in Europe.


Pupils work in four groups to better cover each region. They learn about the culture and monuments of our country. The aim is to present their region in the best possible way so that those who were presented  this work would get the urge to come to this part of Croatia.

Presentation is done in Power Point presentation.


Students are divided into four groups.

Each group researches one region:

Group 1: Zagreb and Northern Croatia

Group 2: Slavonia

Group 3: Istria

Group 4: Dalmatia


They cover the topics:

  1. Religious architecture







  1. Residential and fortifications architecture in Croatia


  1. Traditional dances and songs

                www.culturenet.hr › HOME › PANORAMA › DANCE


  1. Traditional events

https://theculturetrip.com › Europe › Croatia


  1. Unesco tangible Heritage of Croatia


               https://www.chasingthedonkey.com › Croatia Travel Blog



  1. Unesco intangible Heritage of Croatia





Now, when they have gathered all the necessary information, each group can start producing a power point presentation.

Presentation will be performed in front of a randomly selected audience (second group of students).

Then a vote for their favorites follows.

The questionnaire is sent to the audience members.






The aim of the conducted survey is to find out: which region of Croatia, given the information provided, is the most attractive tourist destination.



In addition to learning about Croatia's cultural history, you will also learn how to successfully make a Power Point presentation and how to create and conduct a survey that you can use in your future education.



Thank you for participating!


This webquest was created by a team of teachers, within the co-funded Erasmus plus KA2  partnership “English for hospitality” (EN4HOSTS), project number: 2017-1-RO01-KA201-037159, KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices ,KA201 - Strategic Partnerships for school education


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