Endangered Animals


There are so many animals all around us, do you know which ones are endangered?




5 Endangered Animals You Should Meet | Discover Magazine


Make a list of 5 endangered animals and what we could do to help keep them safe.



Encourage Kids to Write Lists



Steps to complete your project

1. Research endangered animals using some of the links provided.

2. Pick 5 endangered animals that interests you.

3. Research these 5 animals and provide the following information about each of them

a. Animals name.

b. Place of origin. 

c. Fun fact about the animal.

d. Why they are endangered. 

e. How many of the animal are left.

f. Ways we can help protect this animal.

4. Conclude with which animal needs the most support and come up with a plan on what we could do to help.


Teach Kids: Names of Animals That Are Endangered



  1 2 3
Endangered Animal List

1-0 list of animals

2-4 list of animals 5 list of animals

Endangered Animal Information


little to no animal information some animal information full animal information

How we can help protect endangered animal


little to no information about protecting animals some information about protecting animals full information about protecting animals



When you have completed your project please submit it via email: crf_mattoxd@cuchicago.edu 

Subject line: lastname Endangered Animal Project


Endangered Animal Facts For Kids | DK Find Out


1. What is an endangered animal?

Here you will find a link explaining what a endangered animal means.

2. Here you will find links to lists of endangered animals

List 1

List 2

3. How can I help protect endangered animals?

Here you will find links to websites discussing how to help endangered animals

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3



11 Cute endangered animals we need to save – SheKnows

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