Daily Life in Ancient Greece


We've been learning a lot about Ancient Greece lately and this task will teach you about daily life in Ancient Greece.  

You and your teammates will travel back in time and discover exactly what it was like to spend a day in Greece.  You will be working in groups of three or four - Ms. Horn will be choosing the team members for every team.  


You and  your team members will be researching daily life in Ancient Greece.  Through thorough research, you will answer questions to gain general knowledge about the topic .  This information will then be presented to your class members in the form of a skit! Each team has one double period to research and write up a short script for your skit that will be presented during the next clas period. 


Answer the following questions with the help of the links/resources listed below.  The answers to the questions must somehow be incorporated into your skit.  You are welcome to use any form of props in your skit, just make sure to run your ideas by Ms. Horn for approval first.  Each team will be responsible for turning in the answers to all of the questions, along with the script for the skit.  You do not need to write in full sentences.  

1. What role did men play in Ancient Greece?

2. What were the main roles and responsibilities For women in Ancient Greece? 

3.  What did a typical house in Ancient Greece look like?

4.  What were the staple foods that Ancient Greeks ate in their every day diet?

5.  What was the agora? Who went there and what did they do?

6.  What was slavery like in Ancient Greece?


- your book: Chapter 6, Section 3 (pages 181-185)



http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/ancient_greeks/home_life/ (I think you'll really like this one!)



You will be graded on the following:

- Answers to the questions (on the worksheet) (out of 6)

- Skit: must include answers to all of the questions + your creativity (out of 10)

- Team work: Each team member will grade the other team members on their participation in the group.  You will receive an averaged grade (out of 10) based on how your teammates graded you


This should be not only an interesting task, but a fun one too.  Make sure that you work together nicely with your teammates to answer all of the questions - THOROUGHLY - and write a skit that is informative and entertaining to your classmates.

After this task you will learn many things about Ancient Greece.  How different was life in Ancient Greece from life today?