Exploring the impact of sexuality media content and risky media behaviors in the media



Welcome to the "Exploring the Impact of Sexuality Media Content and Risky Media Behavior" webquest! In this webquest, you will embark on a journey to understand how media content related to sexuality and risky behaviors influences individuals and society. Through research and analysis, you will explore the effects of such media portrayals and propose strategies for promoting healthier media consumption habits.



Your task is to investigate the impact of sexuality media content and risky media behavior by completing the following steps:


1. Understanding Media Content:

  • Research various forms of media content (movies, TV shows, advertisements, social media) that depict sexuality.
  • Identify common themes, stereotypes, and messages conveyed through these portrayals.
  • Consider the implications of such portrayals on individuals' perceptions and attitudes towards sexuality.

2. Exploring Risky Media Behavior:

  • Investigate media content that promotes risky behaviors such as substance abuse, unsafe sex, violence, etc.
  • Analyze the potential effects of exposure to such content on individuals' behavior and decision-making processes.
  • Discuss the role of media literacy in recognizing and addressing risky media behavior.

3. Proposing Solutions:

  • Reflect on the broader societal impact of sexuality media content and risky media behavior.
  • Brainstorm and propose strategies for media producers, educators, parents, and policymakers to promote responsible media consumption and mitigate negative influences.
  • Consider the importance of promoting media literacy skills to empower individuals to critically evaluate and navigate media content.

Your evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Depth of analysis: Did you provide thorough insights into the impact of media content on individuals and society?
  • Critical thinking: Did you demonstrate critical thinking skills in evaluating media portrayals and proposing solutions?
  • Creativity: Did you propose innovative strategies to address the negative effects of media influence?
  • Clarity and organization: Was your exploration well-structured and clearly presented?


Through this webquest, you have explored the complex relationship between media content, sexuality, and risky behaviors. By understanding the influence of media portrayals, we can work towards promoting healthier representations and empowering individuals to make informed media choices. Thank you for your participation!

  • Scholarly articles, reports, and reputable sources on media influence on sexuality and risky behavior.
  • Examples of media content depicting sexuality and risky behaviors for analysis.
  • Media literacy resources and educational materials.
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