Roman Achievements


The Roman Empire was one of the largest and most advanced empires in history.  Many of the Roman achievements are still used in some way today in our society.

As you complete this webquest, you learn about the incredible accomplishments of Rome.


Your task:

To read and document your findings about the Roman Empire and all of its monumental, extraordinary achievements.


1. Read about each Roman achievements by clicking on the links below.

2. As you read, document what you learn by writing it on your graphic organizer.

3. You will want to focus on:

  • What is it? OR Who is it?
  • What purpose did it serve?
  • How did it affect (help) the Roman Empire or Europe overall?

Arts and Architecture:

  1. The Pantheon
  2. The Colosseum
  3. The Forum


      4. Aqueducts

      5. Roman Roads


      6. Ptolemy


      7. Public Baths


      8. Latin & the Romantic Languages


      9. Virgil's Aeneid


You will be graded on how descriptively you document your findings.

1) Does your pamphlet describe what or who the subject is? 10pts

2) Does your pamphlet describe the purpose of the subject? 15 pts


Well done!

You have completed the WebQuest and learned all about the great Roman Achievements.

Make sure your graphic organizer is complete and has your name, the date and your class period number.