Health fads


5 Health Fads

1:Oxygen Shots

2:Placenta Pills

3:Cafeinated Lotions

4:Hot Pants

5:Low Sleep


Each health fad is promoted by putting up billboards, advertising on social media, advertising on websites, advertising on games and getting celebrities to try them.

These types of promotion work because it grabs the people viewing the video's attention and persuades them to try the product themselves.

These types of promotion doesn’t work because it often shows the price which is too expensive and may have terms and conditions that worry people. They might also fail because they pop up everywhere and annoy the viewers.

I would most likely use hot pants because you don’t have to do anything and it supposibly squeezes your fat away, low sleep because then I would be able to get more done and lose weight at the same time, and caffeinated lotion because I usually put lotion on in the morning and it would just be a normal process for me and I would lose weight at the same time.

I would least likely use Oxygen Shots and placenta pills because they seem very dangerous.

Some of the negative side effects of oxygen shots are hyperoxia-indused lung injury and can lead to severe lung damage. Some of the negative side effects of placenta pills are increased anxiety and digestive issues.


Man who took oxygen shots to stay looking young has gotten serious injury to his lungs


Tanning: People do this to make them selves look more attractive. Causes- premature ageing, wrinkling, skin cancer.

Phentermine: People use these pills to lose weight. Side effects- Poor attitude, More energy, Always on the go, Moody, Nausea, Raised heart rate, Constantly feel sick.


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