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Weird Health Fad  
Roundworm Egg Diet

Female students in Xiamen, China are eating roundworm eggs because they believe it will make them lose weight so they can do job interviews.


Weight Loss Sunglasses Japanese people are wearing blue tinted sunglasses to make food look dull. They think blue is an unappealing colour so when you look at your food it will make you not want to eat it so you lose weight.
Diet Soap Invented in the 1930s, this is not a fad where you have to eat soap. Soap is extremely poisonous so it is not to be eaten. The diet soap health fad is where you slather the soap over your body, or in the places considered bulky or fat, like stomach, arms, thighs , etc.
The Sunlight Diet The Sunlight Diet is where you do not eat food or drink at all, and rely only on the sunlight to provide nutrients and minerals to your body.  An Indian guru name Phahlad Jani claims he avoided food and drink for 70 years.
Face Slimming Roller