This web quest is about icing. It teaches you about the way to ice a cake and what types you should use. It will help you if you are interested in cakes, icing or cooking/baking. 



The aim of this web quest is to teach you about icing on cakes or biscuits. You will be answering a series of question, each teaching you about icing. Your score will be determined by how many points you have gathered for each question by the end of it.


First you will have a look over a couple of web sites about icing- 

Icing, often called frosting in the United States, is a sweet, often creamy glaze made of sugar with a liquid, such as water or milk, that is often enriched with ingredients like butter, egg whites, cream cheese, or flavorings. It is used to cover or decorate baked goods, such as cakes or cookies.



You can refer back to those websites.

Now you will start answering questions - 

1. What is icing? - 5 Points

Use the websites above


2. What is icing appiled with? - 3 Points

Use the websites above


3. What is the simplest icing recipe? - 2 Points

Use the websites above


4. How do you malke Ganache? - 5 Points

Use the websites above


5. What icing do you put on carrot cake? - 5 Points

Use the websites above




How will you be assessed?

You will be assessed by how many points you received in your answers. Your result will be out of 20.


Hopefully, you learned something new today about icing. You can use the basic facts you learned today to help you ice a cake or cookies.

Teacher Page

If one were to teach my web quest they would need to learn a bit more about icing to understand it mre.