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Good morning grade 11's welcome to the Life Science class ! 

By now you should already know that photosynthesis is a complex chemical process. Although it is summarised in a single reaction equation, photosynthesis occurs as a series of chemical reactions that turn the raw materials (carbon dioxide and water) into the products (glucose and oxygen). Enzymes control each step of the process.

There are two main stages (phases) of photosynthesis :

- the light phase

- the dark phase

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In todays lesson I want you to pay close attention because you will be learning about the :

- importance of photosynthesis and, 

- factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis.


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Photosynthesis is an important cellular reaction for the following reasons:

-It supplies energy to virtually all living organisms

-Plants convert the simple sugars made during photosynthesis into more complex organic compounds such as starch, fats, proteins and vitamins.

-Photosynthesis regulates the concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere, and plays a key role in the carbon cycle.

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Design an eye-catching A4 poster that informs people about the importance of photosynthesis to life on Earth. Limit the number of words on the poster and use images to represent ideas or concepts.

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You will accomplish this task step by step by doing the following :

Divide your task into subtasks.

Descriptions of roles to be played or perspectives to be taken by each learner

Focus on the importance of photosynthesis and factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis.

This content should be neatly displayed on a A2 poster with all relevant information, design and pictures.

Click on the following video to give you a clear insight of what is expected of you to do


Assessment criteria

2 marks

1 mark

0 marks

Presentation and layout

well spaced out

eye catching

adequate poster and print, not very eye catching

small print

untidy, cramped

Included pictures

Good eye catching pictures included; original

Few pictures; not very original 

No pictures present.

Originality very original ideas used.

some original ideas used.






Learners test their knowledge and will be able to answer the following questions :

What is photosynthesis?

What is the importance of photosynthesis?

What are the factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis

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This webquest model is best suited for learners to navigate the web on their own and can read the kinds of material commonly found on the web.

In addition to learning about the requirements and factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis, this webquest will provide learners the ability to demonstrate the ability to choose, construct, and assemble appropriate equipment for scientific investigations.

-BERNE BENN 218097751