Inductive Reasoning WebQuest


Throughout this WebQuest you will develop a basic understanding of Inductive Reasoning, and how to use it.

Follow all instructions, and watch all videos included.

When you have completed all tasks, turn in your work on Google Classroom.


You will watch a short lecture video on Inductive Reasoning, and answer the video questions as you watch.

When you have completed the video, you will continue to complete the worksheets attached.

When you are finished with all worksheets, turn them all in on Google Classroom.


Task 1: Watch Video

Task 2: Answer the following questions as you watch the video

1) Define Inductive Reasoning in one word


2) What is the Mathematical Definition of Inductive Reasoning? (Not in the video, Look this up)


3) What is a Conjecture?


4) Write down all examples provided in the video






Task 3: Watch Video

Task 4: Answer the following questions as you watch the video

1) Define Counterexample


2) Write down the examples in the video




3) So, in summary, a counterexample is just proving someone's idea __________.


Task 5: Practice

Complete the worksheets that are attached.









You will be evaluated based on classroom discussion, and how well you have learned this topic. You will also be graded based n the accuracy of your answers to the questions in this webquest.