Instruments in Band and Orchestra


Hello Class!

Can you name the instruments that are found in a Concert Band? How about an Orchestra? 

In this WebQuest you are go to learn about the different instruments and insturment families that are in a Concert Band and an Orchestra. 


You and a partner are going to chose one instrument family from this list:

Brass Family

String Family

Woodwind Family

Percussion Family

You and your partner are going to create a poster on ONE of these instrument families. You will tell what instruments are in the family you have chosen, famous musicians that play those instruments, explain the origin of the instruments, and provide a musical example of this instrument family.  

Make sure you take notes on the instruments!


Here are some of the website that you can use for this assignment: 

Brass Family: 

Woodwind Family:

String Family:

Percussion Family:

There are many more websites out there to choose from. These are just some of the sites you can choose from. I encourage you to go and find more information from different websites WITH A PARENT'S PERMISSION!


I will grade your poster on the following:

__/5 Named all the instruments in the correct instrument family

__/3 Explained the Origin of those Instruments

__/2 Provide a musical example of the instrument family performing

__/3 Name famous musicians who played those instruments

__/3 Explain what ensembles can these instruments be found.

__/5 Neatness of Poster 


After you and your partner have reseached the instrument family you have chosen, you can start creating your poster board! Have fun and be creative!