What Happened???


You and your partner are the best on scene crime solvers in town! Molly has just realized that her little dog Spot is missing. Being a great dective you are, you and your partner are already in the process of taking down notes about Spot when Billy, Molly's neighbor comes running up and says his cat Kitty is missing too! What could have happened to Spot and Kitty??? It's up to you and your crime solving partner to figure out and solve this mysterious missing pet case!


Today you and your partner will decide what happened to Spot and Kitty and it is up to you to find them and return them to Molly and Billy. You must solve the case and also go online to find a picture of Spot and Kitty to inculde in your search for the missing pets!


1. First you will be assigned a partner.

2. Once you and your partner are together you will need to online and print out a picture of a dog and of a cat.

3. Based on the pictures you choose, you will begin your search in finding the missing pets. Together you and your partner will decide what has happened to Spot and Kitty.

4. After you have decided what happened, you need to write a case report and tell in detail what happened to the pets. Be sure to use descriptive words and describe the pets based on the pictures you printed.

Answer questions like...

*Which events could have happened that led to Spot and Kitty coming up missing?

*What were some of the motives behind Spot and Kitty? Did they run away or did someone kidnap them?

*Can you design a plan to return Spot and Kitty back home to Molly and Billy?

5. After everyone is finished you will read your case report in front of the class just as if you were returning Spot and Kitty back home to Molly and Billy and then your pictures of Spot and Kitty will be hung up in class along with your case report!









Student was not

descriptive throughout any

of the story. The story was

not clear to the reader.

Student was somewhat

descriptive throughout  the story. The story was

mostly clear to the reader.

Student was very

descriptive throughout all parts

of the story. The story was

very clear to the reader.


Student was not creative.

The story was not clear to the


Student was somewhat creative.

The story was mostly clear to the


Student was very creative.

The story was very clear to the



By completing this case, you have proven how a great dective works! It takes a great dective to be very descriptive and solve mysteries that occur every day, and they also have to work alongside other people so that they have help when solving mysteries. By working with a partner you were able to see that by working together you can accomplish tasks easier and more efficiently than working alone on a big task like finding the missing pets Spot and Kitty!


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