Native American Tribes of the Northeast



Our class has an exciting opportunity!  

It has been chosen as the site of a new museum! 
This museum will show how Native Americans lived from 
about 1500 to the 1800's. 
We need your help to make this museum a great success!

You have been hired as a museum curator. It will be your job to research and 
 help set up a display of an Indian Tribe for the Native American Museum.



Long ago, North America was very different from the way it is today. The first people arrived in North America from Asia by crossing a land bridge that temporarily connected the continents. Since these were the first people to live in North America, they are known as Native Americans. Many different cultures of Native Americans developed over the course of time. Culture refers to the people's way of life. Each culture was affected by the natural resources that were available to them. Natural resources were used as tools for survival providing such necessities as food, clothing, and shelter.

You are to research either the Algonquin and Iroquois Indians. You will research the following cultural aspects of Native American life: Food, Habitat and Shelter, Clothing, Travel, Tribal Structure, Alliances, Government, Education, and Trade.


Wampums were used for money

Ms Dechon has assigned you to a tribe.  Each group will be assigned a different Tribe! Make sure each member of your group takes notes about your tribe!! Answer the questions!  At the end you must use what you have learned to create a masterpiece!!



Group: Algonquians…


   Group: Iroquois…


2. Did you ever wonder if Native Americans in the Northeast used canoes for transportation? What would they use to build one? Well read the first paragraph of the following website to find out!

3. What do you think the Native Americans made jewelry out of? Go to the following website and read the first paragraph and look at the pictures!


So they used animal bones, teeth, and claws to make jewelry.  What else did they use animals for?


This webquest connects to the Reading Standards for fourth graders because students will in depth describe a character, setting, and events in the website they see. Also, they have to summarize what they saw in the text and goes along with the Reading Standards for fourth grade because students need to refer to the details in the texts on the webpage in order to construct their research paper. They will also be explaining events in a historical text. 

Finally, the webquest connects to the writing standards in Common Core because students will draw evidence from the webpage and be using it in their writing. Their writing should be clear and coherent. The development and organization are also appropriate to the task.


Why is it important for us to study the people of long ago? 

Examine contributions of Native Americans evident today. Focus on the system of government.

Teacher Page

Welcome: The Iroquois and Algonquians

Description: This webquest is for 4th grade and the essential question is "What contributions do Native Americans have on todays world? Students will investigate the culture of Native Americans and compare to their life today. By the end the students will construct a paper based on their research and complete a project. 

Grade Level: 4th Grade


Curriculum: Social Studies, Chapter 2

Vocabulary: Haudenosaunee, wigwam, traditions, wampums, Grand Council, Algonquians,