Endangered Animals


Endangered means there are limited numbers of that species. If efforts to save them are not started soon, all of that species may become extinct!  What species are endangered and what can be done to help them?


You and your classmates are conservation biologists. You will work in groups to research endangered species around the world and what can be done to help them. All of you have a love for animals and want to find out what can be done to save their lives.

                              They need YOUR help!!!


As a conservation biologist, you will need to find the following information for you quest:

Why are they endangered: Identify the reasons that these species are endangered. Are humans hurting the species in any way?

How can we help: What can we do to keep the species alive and protect them? Think about ways that you can help the species. How can the local community help? How can the global community help?

Be prepared to present your findings to the class.


Here are some helpful links that can help you get the information you need…

Hightlight, right click, click on go to 

WWF        http://worldwildlife.org/species

ARKIVE     http://www.arkive.org/mammals/


Your group will answer the questions in your Endangered Animals Webquest notebook, and turn it in at the end of your quest.


Turn your notebook paper over and write one amazing thing you learned during this quest.