"An Hour Before Daylight" Project


"An Hour Before Daylight" is a memoir based on Jimmy Carter's childhood in rural Plains, Georgia. Imagine that you are creating a brochure for this book. Your final brochure will include biographical information about Jimmy Carter, background information about Plains, Georgia, and information about the time period in which "An Hour Before Daylight" is set. 


Your group will have the option to create ONE of the following to illustrate your research. 

  • Brochure 
  • PowerPoint 
  • Prezi 


1. You will be assigned two partners

2. Each person will be assigned a research role (you will each be evaluated based on your participation) 

3. Your group will then decide which task you are going to complete 

4. As a class, we will go to the computer lab to research your topic 

5. You will be given time in class to do research and work on your project 



After completing this task, you will have gained necessary background information for an "An Hour Before Daylight." 

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