The Diary of Anne Frank & The Holocaust


The Holocaust was a very harsh and tense time for Jewish people, and many people of Europe. The Holocaust began in 1933 when World War II began. It started becuase prejudice went unchecked. People were criticized and judged for being who they were adnthen persecuted for that. The leader of the people so called "Nazis" was Hitler. Hitler wanted to eliminate all Jews. 


Hitler was assumed to power in 1933. He gained power by attracting people of Germany to a change. Many people disagreed because what he waned was wrong, while others becasue they would not be persecuted were willing to partner with Hitler in discrimination. 


The process Hitler made to eliminate Jews was horrifying. First he built up an army called the Nazi's. They were made up of others who were either forced to work for Hitler or wanted to. Next he made plan to take over many countries, in which he succeeded. He took over many European countries by seperating families and sending them off to different concentration camps. In those concentration camps he cremated people in gas chambers, forced them to work until they died, simply killed them, and did many other unbearable things that we as humans hope to never experience. At the end of the war the people in these concentration camps were forced on death marches in the dead winter. Several thousands of people died from this because it caused hypothermia, starvation, and other ill things. This happened to anyone of the Jewish belief, whether they were toddlers or elders they were abused. There are some who survived and some who we hear their legacy. For instance Gerda Weissmann Klein is still living and taking her living legacy to share her miraculous thoughts and feelings when she stayed optomistic during the Holocaust. There is also a book from The Diary of Anne Frank that is Anne Franks actual diary. She kept it while she was hiding in a "secret annexe". It was found by her father who carried it on to be a worldwode hit. Many people have lived to share their legacies, however there were thousands upon thousands who died and were not able to share their legacies. There was mourning, suffering, and misery for those threee years,a dn there still is up to this day. The point we get from the Holocaust is that we would never want this to happen again. We learn about this concept to be sure we don't relive this part of history.


My view on this is so unexplainable. I loathe learning about the Holocaust. I get goosebumps every time I hear that word. It makes me cringe at the sight, and horror it seemed to be. To live during that must have been horrible, intolerable and much more than misery. I would have never been able to even endure the damage that would've been done to me if I lived during that time and if I were a jew. For someone to be so cruel and so abusive is crazy. How could you live with what you had done? It seems mpossible to create that much damage and ruin so many people. The Holocaust was a time of hurt, and terrible things. I have no words to describe what I feel when I learn about this. I wonder what the people who lived through this have to say.


In conclusion I would like to say that, the people who helped save lives, and the people who's lives were saved should be honored. They are courageous men and women. I'm sure they have memories and want to deprive those memories from their brain, but those memories have also shaped them. They have become stronger with what they encountered. They've learned that they are honored, and they believe in themselves. I have no more words to say about this time, except this shows what can happen and this should never happen again. For those times showed us that we should stand up because those who did not get to see the end, have been remembered in the end.