LASF.2.SL.2.5: Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas: Standard for Speaking and Listening


The objectives for this lesson will cover ELA, Social Studies, History, Research, Drama and Writing and will continue throughout the months of February and possibly May, as we enter January with national race relations, ML King Holiday, and February designated as "Black HIstory 'Month" as well as world traditions and celebrations. This introductory lesson is created to aid students understanding when comparing and contrasting events with similar characters and experiences. The scholars are second grade; therefore viewing the movie is chosen for grade level and ELL parents as well as scholars. The series will include activities, games and graphic organizers and diagrams to engage all scholars. Students also learn unfamiliar words, practice retelling and locating Key details to identify the main Idea of sections and entire texts. This webquest will assist in using technology to enhance skills in this ever-growing and changing virtual learning society and excitement while providing challenging opportunities for learning and life skills


Scholars will be familiarized with author's and writers presentation and be able to see how a book and movie parallels. I will introduce the tasks by pointing out to notice the parts of a story such as plot, setting, characters, problem and solution will parallel with the written texts we have discussed previously but not discuss or provide opinions concerning the two movies. We will also show that both movies are based on actual events and are also books. 


Because of the grade level of the students, we will complete Task 1, Day 1 and 2 in class and links will be made available for parental viewing at home. I also plan to review the movie and will edit for length and content in class viewing

1. Click on the links in the above sections, day 1, introduction and Day 2, task to view and listen to the books

2. After completion of each movie, during writing block create a bubble map describing the details of the movie. After day 2 with your peer partner, talk about details in the two movies, and share your bubble map.

3. Day 3 during reading view the link  below to refresh how to create a double bubble map and why. Remember, the small circles do NOT have to be the same amount,  Create a double bubble map with on the provided chart paper. Partner A (GD) and Partner B (RT) then talk about your creations and add suggestions from partner if desired to your map.

4. Teacher will divide the class into 2 groups to present act out, scribe and video for sharing with families

LASF 2.1, 2.5 & 2.9 with extensions to LASF3.9 different texts (ilel The Great Debaters and Remember the Titans) Compare and Contrast the elements/parts in each Movie using one or two signal words






As we continue to explore and learn about history, cultures and recognize different points of view, we will view and discuss news reports, podcasts, and read articles and non-fictional books and reports on life from the decade of 1960-70 until the present. Students will be able to understand and form opinions from information gained as they read and listen to and view articles and speakers. They will be able to communication understanding and points of view through the use of graphic organizers and maps as well as increase writing skills through learning new and various meanings in vocabulary.



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