Bulletin Board Manipulation!!! Loren Mason loren.mason@lindsey.edu


High school juniors and seniors will have the chance to interact with middle school age students about a kind of life situation that they deem is important to know before coming to high school. Because let’s face it everyone has gone through the scary halls of high school and as either been through or has witness some of the life changing drama. Weather it was learning formulas for math class or learning how to avoid that bully waiting at your locker. This is a chance for middle school age students to get the inside scope from the students that they look up to. There will be an oral presentation so try and make it exciting and fun!!! 


You are to create a miniature size bulletin board on a poster board and be able to display it to an audience. This bulletin board must be middle school age appropriate and a student she be able to manipulate that board with 2 or more activities. This subjects can be about anything you please just remember these students are 11-13 years old. Make sure you include directions about the activities and also include pictures/graphics that seem appealing and eye catching. This project will be due the day of our book fair which is in three weeks!!! So you better get started! 


How you get started:

1.)    You will need to pick a subject. The subject can be anything that 1st-5th graders will understand. (i.e. Math, Science, Art, Music, Bullying, School lunches ect..)

2.)    Find information about your subject and read as much as you can. Be able to learn something new about your subject that you didn’t already know.

3.)    Come up with activities (more then 1) that students can manipulate (hands on) that enhance their learning abilities in an active way. Examples are: Matching games, learning new vocabulary, drawing games, and more.

4.)    After you have come up with your activities or games make directions on what you want the students to do. Make sure your directions are understandable for elementary age students. (as well as an answer key)

5.)    Lastly add some pictures. You want the students to be attracted to your bulletin board and students of that age love color and eye popping graphics. 




Basic Knowledge










The student has poor spelling and sentence structures.

The student has some spelling errors and some bad sentence structures.

The student has very little spelling errors and/or small bad sentence structures.

The student has no spelling errors and no bad sentence structures.



The student have a basic knowledge of what they are doing but has no purpose.

The student have a little bit more of a basic knowledge of what to do but lack in enthusiasm.

The student performs with great knowledge but may lack in readiness.

The student has exceptional knowledge and is prepared for questioning.


Needed Information

The student presents little information and only 1 activity and it is unorganized.

The student presents some information and has 2 activities that is not cognitive and lacks some neatness

The student presents information and has 2 activities or more and is neat but some manipulation errors.

The student presents all the information in an organized fashion and has 2 or more activities. Little to no errors.  



Bad attitude and is not interested.

Bad attitude but shows some interest in the topic.

Good attitude but may struggle with keeping a good attitude the whole time. May also be interested in the topic.

Great attitude and has no problem with keeping a great attitude. Is very interested in the topic.



After the miniature bulletin board is created the student will understand what manipulation is and how to apply it to something that see every day. This will allow them to relate things to real life situations. 


Thanks to Dr. Larry Ennis for giving me the idea to expand on our bulletin board project.