Learning how to multiply


Hello students! In this webquest you will explore various websites and activities to learn how to multiply whole numbers.You will be able to learn how to multiply and also know the importance of it.


1. Watch the videos provided on how to multiply.

2. Watch the video on what the importance of multiplying is.

3. Do the activities that is attached to the webquest.

4. Think aloud about what multiplication means to you and how you will utilize it.

  • Students will start with learning this counting numbers with multiplication.
  • Students will practice skip counting at the very beginning (ex. 2,4,6,8...).
  • Students will practice spotting out the relationship between numbers when multiplying.
  • Students will practice their facts tables.
  • Students will work on their skills by completing different worksheets.
  • Fully watch all of the videos that have been provided (how to multiply by 1's and 2's & why you need multiplication).
  • Complete the activity worksheets.

Yay! You now know what multiplication is and why you need it in life. As time goes on you will learn harder problems but for now you have a general understanding about the multiplication math topic.

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Miss Harris