Speak Out! Speak By Laurie Anderson



Welcome: We are going to be reading the novel Speak by Laurie Anderson. This WebQuest is about bullying; an important theme (and issue) that we will discuss throughout our study of the novel SPEAK. In this WebQuest you will be asked to explore websites, complete worksheets, watch video clips, read poetry and listen to music all having to do with the topic of bullying.

Follow the tabs at the top until you are done with WebQuest. Enjoy!


Task 1: What is Bullying

1. Grab your What is Bullying? worksheet.

2. Explore the What is Bullying website

3. Fill out your worksheet while exploring the website.

4. Once you have finished, make sure your name/hour is at the top and set aside until you are completed with entire WebQuest.

Task 2: Multi-Media Activity

1. Watch these two videos:

2. Observe and read this image:

3. Fill out Worksheet labeled: Multi-Media Activity

4. Hold on to it and turn it in with everything once you complete the WebQuest.

Task 3: Taylor Swift "Mean"

1. Watch the youtube video of Taylor Swifts song "Mean" and following along with the lyrics on the back of the Mean/Caged Bird handout.

2. Once you have completed watching video, read the poem called, Caged Bird by Maya Angelo.

Maya Angelo

3. Fill out the Mean/Caged Bird handout once you have listened to the song and read the poem. 

4. Once you have finished the handout, hang on to it and turn it in once you have completed the WebQuest.


What is Bullying Worksheet: 10 points

Multi-Media Worksheet: 6 points

Mean/Caged Bird Worksheet: 5 points


Now that you are done with your handouts and all of your tasks, you have completed your WebQuest! I hope you have learned a lot about bullying and the negative impact it can have on those around you. 

Please turn in all of your handouts together with your name at the top and your hour.