Ancient Roman Activities by: Ryan George, Logan Collins 10th


Ancient Roman activities were very important to the roman way of life. They used these sports to pass time and to show dominance in the comunity. These sports such as Theatre, Gladiator Fights, Chariot Races, and Sports were very dangrous and could either get your life taken in the blink of an eye or get you tons of respect in the comunity. The King and the Queen loved to watch these events, they loved to place bets on there favorite athlete. These athleted would train their whole lives just to get a chance to preform infront of royalty.


Students will be able to tell about the diffrent types of activities in ancient rome. They will describe the diffrent activities or sports that the romans didi for fun. Students will be creating there own sport, based on the technology they had in the time period, the resources they had, and the skill set people aquired. This sport must be fun and exciting for the king and queen. You will be graded on creativity and must not be any remake of a sport!


Easy links to help you get an idea of what your sport will need. The creativity is up to you.






Use these questions to act as guidelines for your creative sport.

1-What is the name of the sport?

2-How is the sport played?

3-What is the five most importanat rules?

4-How is the sport divided into teams?

5-How many players will it include?

6-What will be the skill leveled required to play?

7-WHat materials will you need to play the sport?

8-Do you have a complete set of rules?

9-Does your sport have objectives? If so, what is the objective?

10-WHere will the sport be played?

11-Would your sport be organized or for fun?


Students will need to create there own sport for the king and queen of ancient rome. This sport must be like no other sport around. You will be graded on a few things. Creativity, if the sport has no similarities as another you will get a five. If it has several similiarities you will get a one. Organazation, this will be graded on how well organized your sport is. If its a cluster than you will get a one, if its well organized then you will recieve a five. Ease of playing, if your sport is extremely complicated than you will get a one. A flowing easy to play sport will recieve a five. If your sport comes with a clear set of directions then you recieve a 5, if your sport is hard to follow then you will recive a one. Follow these rules and you will have an excelent grade.


You will learn about the diffrent types of activities in ancient rome, students did an activity that helped them think like ancient romans did when the were bored or wanted to show dominince. Roman activities have came along way since the beginning and are thought to be some of the most intense and horrorfying sports around. We hoped you learned alot from the websites we gave you and the diffrent information you learned.