Los animales


We are going to explore the world of los animales!


The students goal by the end of this WebQuest is to be able to identify physical characteristics of animals and label them appropriately. Additionally, student will be able to identify a few of their natural habitats. 


Phase One

In your assigned small groups, you will research your assigned animals on this webpage from the Barcelona Zoo: https://www.zoobarcelona.cat/es/animales. You will find your assigned animals' habitats and write a short description of their body parts. An example would be: El delfín vive en el océano. El delfín tiene una cola, dos aletas y es gris. Write your animal descriptions in your libretas de español

Phase Two

You will add your group's descriptions to the chart in the classroom. Once all groups are finished, all of the animal descriptions on the chart should be filled in (2-3 animals per group). 

Now it is time to study the animal vocabulary list: https://quizlet.com/364764173/los-animales-flash-cards/ and explore other Quizlets I have made here to practice body parts: https://quizlet.com/362357402/el-cuerpo-flash-cards/https://quizlet.com/366848034/el-cocodrilo-partes-del-cuerpo-diagram/https://quizlet.com/366858595/la-tortuga-partes-del-cuerpo-diagram/https://quizlet.com/366851724/el-pajaro-partes-del-cuerpo-diagram/ , and https://quizlet.com/366854318/la-cebra-partes-del-cuerpo-diagram/

Phase Three

Your final activity will be to create a portrait of your favorite animal on GoogleDrawing. You may use the Barcelona Zoo website to research. You will need to write 5 sentences in total describing your favorite animal as shown in the example. Here is the example: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1BSXrX35Hvq6tnGTDvpvnkKDWlRnyNN0vpV1amgvIoZo/edit?usp=sharing. Please print out your GoogleDrawing and bring it to class to present. 


You will be evaluated on the quality of research, collaboration in group, oral presentation and accuracy of sentences written. 


The goal of this WebQuest is to explore a variety of animals, and study the vocabulary related to their habitats and body parts. You will also present your written description of your favorite animal orally in class.