Master 1 - Write Up 2


Suppose you are going to have a child soon and you've decided to write him/her a LETTER. Think about the things you might want him/her to read 30 YEARS FROM NOW.


Write a LETTER to the child you're supposedly expecting. Keep in mind that he/she is going to read it 30 years from now. Besides writing about the things you would like your child to know, mention why you've decided to do this and also tell him/her about your expectations on being a parent.


As you write your letter to your future son/daughter, remember to use:


- expressions to show anxiety/expectation; (exploring 1 - pg.43);

- expressions to show concern; (exploring 1 - pg.43);

- expressions that indicate reflection on the past (exploring 2 - pg. 47);

- wish clauses ( grammar talk - pg. 48);

- words in action ( words in action - pg. 50);

- idioms related to family (go chatty - pg. 51).


additional help on how to write informal letters:

- an example for you:

- another example for you:


0 - 2,5pts on having written a text according to what you've been required to;

0 - 2,5pts on the level of coherency and cohesion of your text;

0 - 2,5pts on the level of accuracy (grammar) - how clear your writing is;

0 - 2,5pts on advanced language usage.