Master 1 - Write up 3


You are going to write a MOVIE REVIEW.


Think about a movie you have already seen. Write a review about it and remember to include the film details for the readers who have not seen it yet. Make sure you list all positive and negative relevant aspects of the movie as well as your personal view on the movie as a whole.


Check these examples of reviews so you can have an idea on how to write it better:

Review on "Avatar"

Review on "Despicable me"


Instructions on how to write movie reviews:

Hard level:



Your movie review should include:

- vocabulary related to cinema (language pills - pg. 77; words in action pgs. 78 and 79);

- language used to praise something/someone (exploring 1 - pg. 80);

- idioms related to making effort / breaking barriers (go chatty - pg 82);

- language used to express criticism (pg. 85);

- passive voice statements ( grammar talk pg. 87);


evaluation system follows the one described in your text-book.